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Why do clients choose us? Our 100% dedication to your project so that it is completed exactly as planned, on budget, and on time is a guiding force at Ahlborn Fence & Steel. We strongly believe that, by putting your project first and collaborating with your team and associates, we always achieve the best results.

  • bay area fence work


    Fencing is what we do best. We have the ability to self-perform jobs of various sizes and types either as a sub contractor or directly for a client.

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  • Ahlborn Fence

    Ornamental Designs

    We provide ornamental metal fabrication and installation for commercial projects like metal railings, gates, and stairs to improve the visual appeal.

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  • Ahlborn Fence

    Custom Solutions

    One-of-the-kind custom fencing and metal work are our specialty. Thanks to our expertise in custom work, we can handle various project types from fencing to indoor decorative pieces.

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  • Ahlborn Fence

    Contractual Work

    We often work for Bay Area general contractors handling their fencing and metal work. We understand the importance of a strong partnership based on trust, respect, and creating a win-win relationship.

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Industries Served

Wineries Fence and Metal Construction

Executing customized projects safely, efficiently and perfectly is what we do best.

Commercial Fence and Metal Construction

From tall modern office buildings to multiple-tower apartment complexes and unique retails spaces, we provide quality fence and metal work.


We can work with private enterprises and public works alike on fence and metal work.

Careers at Ahlborn Fence & Steel, Inc.

Our company is growing fast and we are always looking for more talent to join our fantastic team. We invite you to view our current job openings here and apply online today. 

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